Freshwrapp Premium Foil 75sq ft


Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil International Pack, Length 75 Sq. Ft. (24m) Width 30cm Thickness 18 microns [ Pack of 2 ] For Home, Party, Marriage, Wrapping, Freezing, Storing, Packaging Food Does Not Tear Easily Aluminium Foil (Pack of 3, 24 m)


The Freshwrapp International Pack will be the ultimate foil to your adventures quite literally as the ultimate solution for packing, storing and even preparing food. Its extra strength and fire and heat resistance make it ideal for when you fire up that oven or take the party outdoors with your barbecue grill. The premium packaging sets it apart and wastage is no issue with the Hassle Free Foil Tearing. What?s more, the Freshwrapp International Pack is eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable. So explore your culinary curiosities and share them with your friends, with Freshwrapp International Pack to help you make, pack and store your creations.


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